5 Female-Empowering Murals in NYC

Celebrate Women’s History Month and visit these 5 female-empowering murals in NYC.

Caressa Losier
March is Women’s History Month, but several new murals and street art pieces in New York City are going up in celebration of women everyday. From the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens to a stroll down the street to the bodega on a Brooklyn corner, there are several eye-catching murals just waiting to be discovered in your neighborhood. But now’s the best time to take a look at these 5 female-empowering murals in NYC right now.  

Divine Mother – Queens, NY

Female-Empowering Murals | CANVS Urban Contemporary Brooklyn-based artist Kimyon Huggins created the wheatpaste “Divine Mother” piece for the 2017 Welling Court Mural Project in in Astoria. Huggins, who is a Tibetan-Buddhist, incorporated elements from own his beliefs into the artwork. The mural is centered around a mother-to-be sitting in the Lotus position and multitasking in a traditional headdress. One hand grasps her unborn child while the other is in a gyan mudra – a yogi hand gesture symbolizing spiritual progress and calming.

Kamala – Bronx, NY

Female-Empowering Murals | CANVS Meet “Kamala” by Richard Wilson. This Bronx mural, curated by 501 See Streets, received the popular vote and won the “Music on Walls Artwork of 2017”. It was inspired by Kamala Jefferson – a kickass local female DJ whose very diverse taste in music is attributed to her deep musical origins and multicultural Chelsea upbringing. In the mural, Kamala is surrounded by her own records, carefully handpicked to represent the area’s musical heroes. This includes records from KRS-One, Hector Lavoe, Louie Vega, Jellybean Benitez, Candido and of course, the legendary Tito Puente.

Virgin and Child, Brooklyn, NY

Female-Empowering Murals | CANVS The “Virgin and Child” mural stands tall atop of a local Bushwick laundromat. Symbolizing both purity and the significance of motherhood, a dripping rainbow silhouette of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus is melting into a glowing puddle beneath them. The artist, Dasic Fernandez created this mural back in 2014 and dedicated it to the mother of his child, who was expecting their baby around the end of the year.

El Regalo Mágico, Harlem, NY

Female-Empowering Murals | CANVS Harlem’s “El Regalo Mágico/The Magic Gift” honors Nicholasa Mohr, a famous Nuyorican female author who also resides in the East Harlem neighborhood where this very powerful mural is located. Its name comes from one of the most popular books that was published by Mohr in 1996, “El Regalo Mágico”. This mural was created for the Monument Art Project 2015 by Celso González and Roberto Biaggi – the duo that makes up Cero Design.

NODAPL by Lmnopi, Brooklyn, NY

Female-Empowering Murals | CANVS Lmnopi created the wheatpaste “NODAPL” in East Williamsburg to honor the brave female tribal rights attorney and water protector, Tara Houska. During the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, she rose to the occasion as a strong voice for those residing in the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. In this mural, Houska raises her arm in victory as a map of the blue Missouri River flows behind her, untouched. Download the CANVS app today and discover more exciting female-empowering murals in NYC.
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