The Pride of Jersey City Street Art

It is special to live in a city surrounded by so many colors and beauty.

Jenna Firshein

Every section, every street is now defined by what art we have. Even before the mural program started by Mayor Fulop, there has been graffiti art and works paid for by private groups. We all take pride in the art that is there and it unites all the people of Jersey City under the guise of art.

With Jersey City being so diverse it is only natural that so are the artists and artwork that we see on the streets. As you continue to track the murals you will find you can tell the artists apart from Mr. Mustart  Mr. Ability to Blair Urban, who also does the artwork for Departed Soles Brewery . Each has their own identity and we as the viewers, appreciators, and possessors take pride in their work.

I spoke with two Jersey City locals and asked them what their favorite murals art.

Melissa, owner of Melissa A. Vitale Media LLC, loves the Jersey City Mural by Five Corners in Journal Square. She likes that it is bright colors and that represents all of Jersey City with landmarks like the Colgate Clock, which her father talked about when she was growing up.

Gorilla by Serringe

Gorilla by Serringe

Niambi, owner of Bloomsbury Sq., loves the mural in Little India by Hellbent. They worked with the community and made sure it represented the vibrancy of the community.

Finally, one of my favorites is by Mr. MustArt on Mountain Road on the rock wall. I am a lover of all things rainbow as I love the progression of color. It caused a little stir when it was painted but it covered the rocks that were painted gray from being tagged with graffiti names.

Jenna Firshein of Jersey City

Jenna Firshein of Jersey City

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