Marnie Kunz Runs Street Art

Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz is bringing fitness to street art

Isabel Stanish

The first time I met Marnie Kunz, I expected to be intimidated. She has striking red hair, is super fit and wears graffiti-covered leggings. But Marnie is fairly soft-spoken and very kind. She’s one of those rare people who are confident–but not cocky–who gets what she wants, without calling all the attention in the room to herself. Oh, and, she ’s also the CEO of her very own company: Runstreet.

People are always saying how they want to bring together what they do and what they love.Marnie has. Over two years ago, she started a blog about running and exploring the street art all over NYC. Her social posts soon gained so much popularity that Marnie began organizing group art runs, where she mapped out the best murals in the area and took groups on a running tour. Now, it’s her job.

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Marnie sets up runs in all parts of NYC, hitting the best murals–sometimes, even before the paint is dry. Recently, CANVS recently partnered with Run Street for a run that featured some of our freshest content, on the Lower East Side. We all met up at ConBody on the Lower East Side. This gym employs folks who formerly served time as its fitness instructors. It’s a hardcore bunch, but they couldn’t have been more welcoming and well, Marnie can hang.

When we interviewed Marnie before the event, she had a question for us: “Are my bangs ok?” Then, she got down to what she enjoys most about bringing together her two loves in one job: “When you’re running, you’re out enjoying the world, and street art makes the city beautiful. It’s a fun way to explore and also workout–learn about artists, learn about their neighborhood, break out of routine and meet cool people.”

What’s up next for Run Street? Marnie’s goal is to bring her tours to other cities with awesome street art. On the list are Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. And she’s not stopping there. She’d also like to check out Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Marnie Kunz of Runstreet

Photo by Marques Jackson

The hardest part for Marnie? Ironically, it’s keeping up–with everything. Marnie does a lot of planning to keep her runs unique and always changing, which proves challenging, but that’s also the fun of it. And when it comes to challenges, Marnie isn’t one to back down.

Keep up with Marnie at @Runstreet and sign up for her biggest run yet this Saturday at the Daydream Art Run Festival!

Photography by Marques Jackson

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