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CANVS is a tech platform dedicated to transforming the way people interact with street art worldwide.

street art and technology

Street art is the most dynamic and accessible forms of modern art. It inspires creativity and cultural awareness, and overall sense of space. But there are clear barriers that limits how people discover and engage with street art.

CANVS uses technology to document street art from around the world. Our innovative data model and backend system allows us to build software that elevates the way street art is produced, consumed and shared.  


A new and interactive way to discover street art in cities across the world


Bringing exposure to artists and connecting them with fans and curators

FOR cities & curators

Helping organizations capture, manage and showcase their street art collection.

Our products


CANVS is your go-to guide for exploring public art in cities across the world. Whether you're strolling through your neighborhood or planning your next travel adventure, CANVS is here to make every city you visit a virtual street art tour.

Our products


Transform your website into a vibrant art showcase! Our interactive mural maps and mural management dashboard allows city programs, festivals and curators to showcase their street art.

Featured MURAL collection

This month's curated mural collection celebrates Women's History Month through a series of amazing pieces that embody women's beauty, strength, and overall essence.

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Street art is everywhere, but the stories of the artists too often goes untold. Sprayin' is a film series highlighting street artists from different cities in short narrated episodes. Sprayin' is created by Edwin Taveras.

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Our interactive mural map by CANVS will not only allow people from all over the world to enjoy murals, but it will also enable interested onlookers to look up information about a painting and even encourage more people to seek out the miles of available free public art


Mayor of Jersey City, NJ


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