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CANVS is an interactive platform thats redefining art discovery through the union of street art and technology. Led by a creative team of art lovers, we are building the world’s most comprehensive street art database. Our technology powers our mobile app and integrated mural maps designed for city programs, mural curators and art festivals. We truly believe that data is the key to elevating the creative economy and reimagining the way people consume art.

Inset art by Buff Monster

OUR story

The CANVS journey began in 2016 as a passion project initiated by designer and street art photographer Ralph Andre. Shooting street art helped him form close relationships with many artists and people in the community he explored. The interactions from these relationships helped him uncover a deep-rooted problem in the street art ecosystem: despite its rising popularity, engagement with street art is largely one-sided. The general public seeks more engaging ways to discover and interact with street art, while artists struggle to identify key opportunities and gain exposure.

This inspired Ralph to create the CANVS app, which maps street art from different cities. The app grew in popularity, with demand coming from many cities across the country. Motivated to grow CANVS, Ralph shared his vision with longtime friend and fellow street art enthusiast Lorren Cargill. Together, they laid the framework for CANVS, shaping it into a robust, multi-sided platform committed to revolutionizing how people engage with street art.

Newark has a long history as a center of the arts. We are now creating an innovative future for Newark’s public arts with interactive map that enable residents and visitors alike to locate our street art and learn more about them on their smart phones, combining Newark’s timeless talent with 21st-century technology. I thank CANVS for their work in creating this map and their support of our artists.

Ras Baraka

Mayor of Newark, NJ


Ralph Andre


Lorren Cargill


Liz Smith

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Strategic Partnerships

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