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Showcase and document the legacy of street art in your city, past and present!

SHOwcase & manage your street art

We are excited to introduce custom interactive mural map for cities! These website integration allows cities and organizations to showcase their street art in a new and innovative way!

Why is documenting street art important?

In recent years, street art has become a significant cultural and historical element of cities worldwide. Despite its growing popularity, street art is inherently ephemeral and can disappear or be destroyed over time, making it even more crucial to digitally document and preserve its impact. By documenting street art digitally, we safeguard this vibrant art form for future generations and enable us to measure its impact on our cultural landscape.


Keeping a digital record of street art allows cities to measure the legacy and impact of their public art

CITY branding

Street art is a powerful tool for inspiring and engaging communities.


Interactive Mural Maps will allow the general public to discover street art in a one of a kind way

Mural Maps

Mural Detail Page


Artist Directory

Artist Profiles

Newark has a long history as a center of the arts. We are now creating an innovative future for Newark’s public arts with interactive map that enable residents and visitors alike to locate our street art and learn more about them on their smart phones, combining Newark’s timeless talent with 21st-century technology. I thank CANVS for their work in creating this map and their support of our artists.


Mayor of Newark, NJ


Interactive mural maps

A fully custom interactive map of street art representing street art created throughout your city, past and present. Learn the story and details behind the murals, installations and sculptures and the artists who created them.

Artist directory

Browse through detailed directory of street artists throughout your city. Learn the story about every artists along with their social media info and galleries of their work. Artist directories also allow you to toggle between local and visiting artists.


Publish your own curated street art exhibits with Mural Collections. Whether its 4th of July, Black History Month, historic figures, animals, colorful, etc, mural collections is an exciting way for you to curate content and engage audiences on your Digital Street Art Museum

MURAL management dashboard

Manage the murals and content that displays on your mural map through your own custom dashboard. Add or edit murals and get access to insights and analytics to learn how people are consuming street art in your city

  • Custom interactive mural map
  • Artist directory and profiles
  • Publish your own mural collections
  • Add, view, or edit any mural in your city
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Mural photo galleries
  • Display past murals via archives
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Embedded Youtube and Vimeo mural videos
  • Crowdsourced mural photography and information via the CANVS mural hunter network
  • Street and map view
  • Measure popular murals
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Walking tours Coming soon
  • 360 media Coming soon


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CANVS is an interactive platform that connects people and cities through the power of street art + technology.

Since the launch of our app in 2016, we've expanded to over 200 cities with over 5,000 murals on our platform. CANVS building the most comprehensive digital street art museum to transform the way people interact with street art in cities worldwide.

TRANSFORMing THE WAY PEOPLE connect with Street art

Art is one of the driving forces behind innovation and creativity in cities. By mapping street art, we are telling the story of the your city through the art in the public. Interactive mural maps are the first step in elevating art culture in cities across the world.

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