A modern mural map for your website

Showcase your street art catalog with a custom interactive mural map

Light up your website

Boost engagement on your website with an interactive map of your street art

Manage your murals

Keeping a digital record of street art allows cities to measure the legacy and impact of their public art

Powered by data

Gain access to insights to help you better measure the legacy and impact of your public art


INteractive mural map

A fully custom interactive map of street art representing street art created throughout your city, past and present. Learn the story and details behind the murals, installations and sculptures and the artists who created them.


Artist directory

Explore an extensive directory of local and visiting artists in your city. Discover each artist's unique story, connect with their social media, and browse galleries of their work.


mural collection

Create engaging street art exhibits with Mural Collections. From 4th of July to Black History Month or themes like historic figures and vibrant wildlife, Mural Collections offer a dynamic platform for you to curate and captivate audiences in your Digital Street Art Museum.


Mural management dashboard

With a custom dashboard at your fingertips, effortlessly manage the murals showcased on your map. Add or edit murals anytime and gain valuable insights into how your city's street art is being appreciated and interacted with.

All features
  • Custom interactive mural map
  • Artist directory and profiles
  • Curated mural collections
  • Add, view, or edit any mural in your city
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Photo galleries
  • Display live or past murals
  • Embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos
  • Crowdsourced mural photography and information via the CANVS mural hunter network
  • Street and map view
  • Measure popular murals
  • Optimized for mobile
  • 360 media Coming soon
  • Analytics & Insights

Our interactive mural map by CANVS will not only allow people from all over the world to enjoy murals, but it will also enable interested onlookers to look up information about a painting and even encourage more people to seek out the miles of available free public art


Mayor of Jersey City, NJ


Find answers to your questions here. Our FAQ provides quick and clear information to help you understand our services better.

How do I add the mural map to my website?

Once you choose your mural map's style, we provide a simple code snippet. Just copy and paste this into your website where you'd like the map to appear. And you're all set! If you need any assistance, our team is always ready to help you or your web team throughout the process.

Will my murals also display on the CANVS app?

Yes, every mural featured on your mural map will also appear on the CANVS app. We ensure seamless continuity across platforms. This means when a user likes a mural in the app, this interaction reflects in real-time on your mural map too.

How do I upload murals?

You will have access to a dedicated management dashboard, where you can easily add or edit any mural associated with your organization or city. If you need any additional support, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Is it possible to export my mural data?

Definitely! You can request a CSV file of all your murals from your database at any time, providing easy access to your data.

Are the mural maps mobile friendly?

Absolutely! We've designed our mural maps to work perfectly on your mobile device, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience wherever you go.

lets transform the way people interact with street art

Art is one of the driving forces behind innovation and creativity in cities. By mapping street art, you are telling the story of the your city through the art.

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